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Sprout equips retail and ecommerce companies with the social media management tools they need to exceed buyer needs and grow their businesses amid continual digital transformation.

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More touchpoints, more obstacles

Illustration of a retail employee fielding multiple online shopper needs like shipment tracking, item availability and reviews.

More touchpoints, more obstacles

The advantage of social for retail marketers is that they can engage during every stage of the customer lifecycle. But that same benefit also creates their biggest challenges:

  • Delivering exceptional customer support amid a high volume of messages and even higher expectations
  • Creating a unified social presence across multiple platforms to serve the diverse needs of a segmented audience
  • Measuring impact, monitoring brand health and keeping pace in a highly competitive and volatile industry


of consumers on social media expect a response in the first 24 hours.

Source: Sprout Social Index, 2020


of consumers feel more connected to brands that have a robust social presence.

Source: Sprout Social Brands Get Real


of executives agree that businesses are increasingly moving their e-commerce to social.

Source: 2021 Harris Insights Report

Rise to the retail challenge with Sprout

Our all-in-one social solution provides retail marketers with the exact customer care, social commerce, publishing, analytics and listening tools they need to nurture prospects through the sales funnel, drive purchases online and in-store, and establish long-term customer engagement and loyalty.

Deliver high-quality service

Today’s consumers want authentic responses to their questions and comments on social, and they want them now. Our centralized platform enables retailers to quickly find and manage relevant conversations across every network and profile, all in one place.


60% MoM decrease in response time on weekdays

Tasks are fantastic. I see all of Casio’s social messages–across networks, in one feed. Then, depending on the context, I can send messages to a customer service agent, sales or marketing representative. It speeds up the whole process.

Richard Sharpe Operational Services Divisional Manager, Casio

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Drive purchases

With Sprout’s sophisticated scheduling, publishing and social commerce tools, retail marketing teams can efficiently collaborate to ensure the right message reaches the right audience, at the right time.

Take inventory

Visualize your publishing strategy with a shared content calendar to ensure the right mix of organic, user-generated and promotional content across platforms.

Sprout’s publishing calendar week view shows an overview of all your scheduled posts with options to view, tag and edit content.

Share products

Quickly add products to your posts and customer responses by connecting your Instagram, Shopify and Facebook Shops product catalogs to Sprout.

Tag products in Instagram posts.

Manage assets

Put your best product forward with pre-approved photos, designs, videos and messaging pulled straight from a centralized Asset Library.

Multimedia examples found in Sprout's Asset Library, including images, videos and frequently used messages.

Maximize reach

Amplify awareness and engagement among specific consumer segments using organic post targeting and algorithmic Optimal Send Times.

A closer look at Sprout’s Optimal Send Times menu lists six different times, each with star ratings that indicate levels of potential engagement.

Boost content

Extend the impact of your high-performing social content with paid promotion built right into your publishing workflow.

Maximize your content’s reach by promoting Facebook posts straight from Sprout’s Compose window.

73.2% boost in engagements across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with Sprout

We’ve seen increases in metrics since using Sprout and that’s because I’ve been able to push out more content. We’ve increased our followers, engagement, number of posts sent and Sprout has been a great partner.

Assunta Catalano Social Media Manager, KISS

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Demonstrate impact

Leverage Sprout’s powerful analytics and listening tools to track real-time results, understand your buyers and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

Sample data from Sprout’s Inbox Team Report showing team members’ individual message reply stats, including average, median and slowest reply times.

Inform strategy

Keep an eye on your KPIs with automated, presentation-ready reports to better understand which content is encouraging engagement and purchases.

Improve service

See how quickly and how often individual users reply to messages and complete assigned tasks to measure team productivity and improve customer care.

Sample data from the performance tab of Sprout’s Competitive Listening Topic Summary, which scores your key metrics in comparison to your competitors.

Uncover trends

To inform your product and content strategies, track what consumers are talking about online by monitoring mentions, hashtags and industry keywords.

Stand out

Leverage social listening topics to discover how consumers feel about your competitors, identify influencers and find opportunities to differentiate your brand.

4307% spike in engagement

The main driving point behind our social strategy is UGC. It’s a lot easier for us to gather this with Sprout. It’s really been helpful to be able to search through multiple hashtags and keywords and have all of the content appear in a single stream.

Aaron Flick Marketing Associate, Wahl Professional

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See how Sprout helps retailers exceed buyer needs on social and grow their businesses through cohesive customer care and connection.

See how Sprout helps retailers exceed buyer needs on social and grow their businesses through cohesive customer care and connection.

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